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Africa in Mexico

Updated: May 24, 2023

Cuajinicuilapa, Santiago Tapextla, Santa Maria Cortijo-Mexico

“This population is approximately 2,200 inhabitants and let us say 85% are Afro descendants with a minimum percentage of indigenous race and with 76% of poverty compared to other towns. There are still many who do not identify as Afro people because they do not know the meaning, and others deny being considered “black.” Right now, they have implemented a program called “Indigenous and Afro Race” by organizations that set up projects to benefit people of indigenous and/or African descent. They offer workshops on how to raise chickens, goats, and reforestation of the area. This is so that the communities benefit and have jobs. I believe it is to lift the population out of poverty and support the most vulnerable people, especially the Afro-descent, indigenous and mestizo people. Hopefully, with the new president, the support will reach the most affected peoples directly. These are the priorities for economic development. Also, the projects teach them to maintain their culture. Regarding young people, they are losing and changing the culture and traditions and what I want is to maintain our culture so that it is not lost, so that it continues.”

(Voices of Color- Mexico-Interview with Trinidad Reyes Hernandez - Municipal Authority

Santa Maria Cortico Mexico 2019- translated and by Lynn Anyanwu) (Excerpt from Anyanwu 2023 doctoral dissertation “All the Salsa in Between…”)

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