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Afro-Puerto Rican(Afro-Borinquen) are Puerto Ricans of African descent. The first Africans were brought in 1517 and slavery was abolished in 1873. They make up 11.7% of the population with 351,306 Afro-Puerto Ricans.  They concentrate around Ponce and San Juan, areas such as Cangrejos (Santurce), Carolina, Canóvanas, and Loíza Aldea. The African influences are: FOOD- mofongo, guingambo, guisado;  MUSIC AND DANCE- bomba and plena; RELIGION- lucumi (santeria), palo mayombe, spiritism

According to the recent 2010 census, 461,000 identify themselves as solely black making them 11.58%(461,000/3,978,702) of the population, an increase of 50%. Afro-Puerto Ricans tend to concentrate in the eastern part of the island, the coastal lowlands around cities like Ponce and San Juan, areas such as Cangrejos (Santurce), Carolina, Canóvanas, and Loíza Aldea.” (afropedea).

For Afro-Puerto Rican History and Culture 




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Afro-Puerto Rican  Music and Dance Resources


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Afro-Puerto Rican Religion and Spirituality Resources


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