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Afro-Colombians are Colombians of Afro-descent. The first Africans were brought in 1500 and slavery was abolished in 1851. Colombia is said to have the second largest black population in Latin America after Brazil. As of 2020, they make up 9.34% of the population with 4.6 million Afro-Colombians. Researchers and activists say these numbers are inaccurate because many Afro-Colombians were not counted in the census and there was a drastic drop by more than 30% reduction in the number of Afro-Colombians. The Afro-descendants can be found in regions such as Choco, Magdalena, Bolivar, Sucre, Valle, Cauca, Urabá, San Andres and Santa Catalina. The African influences are: FOOD- pekao ngoisao ku koko, rondon, cicada, mondongo; MUSIC AND DANCE- bullerengue, champeta, mapale, currulao, músicas del pacíficos; RELIGION- African ancestral syncretic spiritism

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