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Afro-Bolivians are Bolivians of African descent. They were recently recognized in the 2015 census. The first Africans arrived in Bolivia in 1535 with the expedition of Diego de Almagro. Slavery was abolished in  Bolivia in 1825. Currently, Bolivians of African descent are estimated at 23,330 in population. The African influences are:  MUSIC AND DANCE- Saya music, La saya and morenada. The term Afro Bolivianos has appeared only in the past ten years with the birth of the Black Consciousness Movement. The Afro-Bolivian communities are located at Nor Yungas, Mururata and Tocana in the Coroico sector; Calacala, Dorado Chico, Coscoma and Chillamni in Coripata; and sud Yungas, Chicaloma, Villa Remedio, El Colpar, Naranjani and Thaco. (Afropedea)

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