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Afro-Cubans are Cubans of Afro-descent. The first Africans were brought in late 1511 and slavery was abolished in 1886. They make up 34 to 62% of the population. They  concentrate in Havana, Santiago de Cuba province, and Guantanamo province. The African influences are: FOOD- fufu, funche, tostones, quimbombo, yuca;  MUSIC AND DANCE- rumba, guaguanco, yambo, columbia son, makuta; RELIGION- lucumi (santeria), palo mayombe (palo monte/reglas de congo), abakua, spiritism.

For Afro-Cuban History and Culture


History- Afro-Cubans | Minority Rights Group


History- Afro-Cuban - Afropedea


Culture Critic-


Video History Part #1 -


Video History and Culture  Part #2 -


Photo History and Culture- Afro- Cubans of African Ancestry in Cuba, Carribeans. – Africani Sankofa (


Video History and Culture with Henry Louis Gate Jr. -

Cultural Critic Roberto Zurbano- The country to come: and my Black Cuba? By Roberto Zurbano, 13/3/13 (

Afro-Cuban Music and Dance Resources 


Info- Cuba: Son and Afro-Cuban Music - World Music Network

Video Rumba- Guaguancó: Los Muñequitos de Matanzas - YouTube

Video Son-

Video Orishas-

Video Las Orishas-

Video Makuta-


Afro-Cuban  Religion and Spirituality Resources


Info- Religion shapes Cuba despite Castro's influence (


Info- Learn about Religious Influences in Cuba (


Orishas Info- The 7 Orishas – My Orisha (


The Orishas info- The Seven African Powers for Beginners (African Spirituality & Magic) (


Video- Santería Religion in Cuba - YouTube






(All photos of Afro-Cubanos in Havana and Santiago de Cuba by Lynn Anyanwu)

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